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Wine & Champagne

MasterChef Gift Card is a unique and special wine gift - unique because you can browse our online shop and choose wine gifts – special because our wine and champagne retailers have scoured the world for the most delicious and exciting vintages at the best price points.

Choose from a huge selection of presents for wine lovers including popular mixed cases and award-winning vintages as well as artisan foods, spirits, craft beers and more.

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Great news you’ve got a MasterChef Gift Card! Or buy now the perfect present for food & drink lovers


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Wine & Champagne



Did you know that the UK is the world’s number one wine trading nation? Despite this we tend to stick to the wine grape varieties that we know. Our retailers have made it their personal mission to hunt down undiscovered gems from small lesser known family vineyards whose delicious wines speak for themselves.


Wine & Champagne



Did you know that we Brits drink more Champagne than anyone else (except for the French themselves)? But from a champagne region of over 4000 producers, only around 40 champagnes are readily available in the UK, so our champagne retailers love to introduce you to something special and new to you! 


Wine & Champagne



With a MasterChef Gift Card you can choose from a huge selection of artisan wines from around the world including delicious bottles of organic wine,  and world class English wines whose awards highlight some of the exceptional wine now produced on our own doorstep.


So if you love wine, it is good to know that in small amounts it has been shown to have health benefits (that’s a glass a day for women, and two for men). Long term studies show that wine drinkers (of these quantities) live longer compared to non-drinkers - so if that’s not enough reason to love wine, we don’t know what is!  

Below are some of our collection of independent retailers and small scale English wine producers where you can spend your MasterChef GIft Card: